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Book cover Falcon's Egg
Luli Gray (1995) , 120-160 pages
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Fantasy

Falcon is an eleven-year old girl living in New York City with her self-absorbed mother, younger brother and a big secret. She finds a mysteriously glowing, red egg in Central Park and decides to keep it. Falcon enlists the help of her eccentric great Aunt, spunky neighbor and an odd ornithologist from a local museum. Together they form a secret society and wait for the egg to hatch. What could it be? Read this great book and find out what is in Falcon's Egg.

Reviewed by: Christy / Morrison Regional Library

Comments from Readers

Khamani, age 11 from Charlotte
i love this book. i hope i become a writer some day. I hope the author writes more books.

Dalacia, age 10 from New Charlotte
I love that book and I alway's will like it.

Hali, age 8 from Minnesota
A Wonderful book for Harry Potter fans.

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