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Book cover Blackout
John Rocco (2011) , under 40 pages
Audience: Preschool, Primary (k-3rd grade)
Category: Award Books, NCCBA, Read Aloud, Realistic Fiction
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Everyone is too busy to play a game with a young boy on a summer's evening. They are busy talking on cell phones, using the computer and making dinner - until the lights go out. Then, in cool and glowing illustrations, the family comes together. They use flashlights inside, then go on the roof to see the stars and their neighbors. The family goes down to the street, where kids play in sprays from fire hydrants and eat ice cream before it all melts. This multiple-award winning picture book will make you think of blackouts of the past and encourage a night off the grid to spend with family.

Reviewed by: Kristi / Mountain Island Library

Comments from Readers

Haley, age 8 from Arkansas
I think the book is really good.

Agrim, age 23 from USA
It was awesome

Ms Mac, age 43 from NC
One of our favorite books is `When Charlie McButton Lost Power.` We loved following it up with `Blackout` and seeing how much we can do without electricity!

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