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Book cover The Lemonade War
Jacqueline Davies (2007) , 160-200 pages
Illustrated by
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: NCCBA, Realistic Fiction, Special Needs

What would a brother and sister pair do with only one week before summer ends and school begins? What if they were also at odds with each other – have a lemonade war, of course. Evan (10 years old) and Jessie (8 years old) have just learned that despite their age difference they will both be in Mrs. Overton’s fourth grade class this fall. Can you imagine all the controversy this will cause? The author does an excellent job of depicting how sibling rivalry can creep into the strongest families, especially when each member has different talents and abilities. Included in this book are all the mathematical calculations and business terminology used for the children’s lemonade business which is helpful for future entrepreneurs.

Reviewed by: Emily / South County Regional Library
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Comments from Readers

Sidney, age 12 from North Carolina
This was one of the best books I have ever read.

Ju'Niqueekra, age 11 from North Carolina
This was an exciting book. I wish there was another book like it.

Katelyn, age 11 from North Carolina
I liked this book a lot.

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