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Book cover Savvy
Ingrid Law (2008) , 200+ pages
Illustrated by
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, NCCBA, Read Aloud

Two days can be a long time to wait for the day when your magic powers, your “savvy,” will finally appear, but Mississippi "Mibs" Beaumont has been waiting for this day her whole sorry life and knows that her savvy will be extra-special. (Maybe not having super powers, but still a savvy good enough to show everyone that ever picked on Mibs just how wrong they were.) Will her savvy be enough though to fix her family when life causes things to fall apart? Now Mibs is going to have to stop being afraid and start really living. And this time, she better not let anything stop her—not kidnapping, stealing, boys with crushes, salesmen, wrong-way road trips or even talking tattoos—from saving her daddy and finding her own savvy-way in life.

Reviewed by: Amanda / Sugar Creek
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Parental Notes

Comments from Readers

Kelsey, age 11 from N.C
I loved this book it is great

Kathryn, age 11 from N.C.
I read this book last year and i read it in a day. I thought it was really moving. Let me just tell One thing... i loved ittttt!!

Kathryn, age 11 from North Carolina
I read this book last year and i read it in a day. really moving... LOVED ITTTT!!!

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