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Book cover The Redheaded Princess
Ann Rinaldi (2008) , 200+ pages
Audience: Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: Historical, Realistic Fiction

Meet Elizabeth, the future Queen of England. This is her story and it begins with galloping horses approaching , a sound she comes to dread as it always means news - good or bad. When we first meet, Elizabeth is a young girl, anxious to please her father King Henry V111, but headstrong enough to defy him on a whim. She knows that one day she may be Queen and so lives under the watchful eye of friends and enemies- who can she trust? Add to that the pressure of living in a Royal Palace in the 16th century as a teenager. Will Elizabeth acquire the skills necessary to become a great ruler? Read on.

Reviewed by: Jo / Morrison Regional Library

Comments from Readers

sarah, age 10 from New York
it is so cool i just loved it

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