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Book cover Penguin
Polly Dunbar (2007) , under 40 pages
Illustrated by Polly Dunbar
Audience: Toddlers, Preschool
Category: Award Books, Humor, Read Aloud
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Ben is very frustrated! His exciting new present, a penguin, won't speak to him, no matter what Ben does. Ben tickles Penguin, Ben dances for Penguin, Ben even sends Penguin to Outer Space, but Penguin still says nothing. Penguin is there when Ben needs him, though! Polly Dunbar's adorable illustrations of Ben's efforts at friendship with Penguin show that friendship can be demonstrated in many ways.

Reviewed by: Larisa / South County Regional Library

Comments from Readers

lisa, age 12 from Washington D. C.
I think that penguin is really funny in the book so I think if you are looking for a funny but instering book read this!

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