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Book cover Horace Splattly: the cupcaked crusader
David Lawrence (2002) , 120-160 pages
Illustrated by Barry Gott
Audience: Primary (k-3rd grade)
Category: Adventure, Beg. Chapter Books, Humor, Mystery

Who can protect Blootinville from a giant monster the size of a bus and shaped like a loaf of bread? This is a job for the Cupcaked Crusader. Our unlikely hero is also known as Horace Splattly. When Horace’s sister Melody tests her cupcakes on Horace, amazing things happen. Horace is transformed from the shortest kid in his fourth grade class to a flying, fire-breathing superhero. And it is up to the Cupcaked Crusader to save the school principal from the giant monster on the playground before his superhero powers wear off. Will he be able to do it? This action-packed adventure will leave you looking a bit more closely at that cupcake you are having for dessert.

Reviewed by: Tree / Matthews Library
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Comments from Readers

Hinata, age 10 from Charlotte
You have added this book to your list and i think that was an awsome idea.

Will, age 11 from New York
This book was awsome!

Asaan, age 9 from Maryland
It was awesome! It was funny and I really liked the black and white drawings! It was funny that he was the shortest person in Blootinville!

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