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Book cover Goin' Someplace Special
Patricia McKissack (2001) , under 40 pages
Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney
Audience: Primary (k-3rd grade), Intermediate (4th-6th grade)
Category: African-American, Award Books, Historical, Read Aloud
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Tricia Ann, a young African-American girl, is going to the place she calls “Someplace Special” for the first time all by herself. She sets off excitedly, but her encounters with segregation laws and prejudice people dampen her mood. She almost gives up on her journey, but an elderly woman named Blooming Mary aids Tricia Ann in remembering her grandmother’s uplifting words and they give her the courage to reach her “ Someplace Special”. You may find that Tricia Ann’s special place may be yours, too! McKissack has written a touching story based on experiences that she had in her own childhood. Pinkney’s well-known illustration style wonderfully captures the emotions of the characters and the setting of the 1950’s in Nashville, TN.

Reviewed by: Jeanenne / Steele Creek Library
Parental Notes

Comments from Readers

Eric, age 11 from Califonia
this book is cool .Read it. It's the best.

Ariel, age 8 from Texas
I loved this book!

Anthony, age 10 from NC
It a wonderful book for all ages!

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