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Book cover Stinky Cecil in Operation Pond Rescue
Paige Braddock (2015) , 80-120 pages
Audience: Primary (k-3rd grade)
Category: Adventure, Earth Friendly, Graphic Novels
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Cecil is a toad with a simple life. He spends most days avoiding the hawk that wants to eat him and challenging the other creatures to splashing contests. But Cecil and his friends are about to discover that hawks are not the only danger lurking near their quiet pond. They will need to hatch a plan and use their individual talents if they hope to disrupt the construction that threatens their home in the swamp. Cecil’s secret weapon is producing foul- smelling gas, but will that be enough to stop the bulldozers? This is the first adventure in a hilarious graphic novel series about Stinky Cecil. It also includes several short comics and facts about American toads.

Reviewed by: Rene / ImaginOn

Book cover Blue on Blue
Dianne White (2014) , under 40 pages
Illustrated by Beth Krommes
Audience: Toddlers, Preschool
Category: Earth Friendly, NCCBA, Read Aloud, Spring, Summer

Day starts and the morning is bright, "Blue on blue. White on white." But as the day moves along, the clouds begin to grow and blue skies turn from gray to black as a storm is looming. Lightning flashes, thunder roars and rain falls on the farm. The rain falls and falls... will it ever stop? Slowly, slowly the sky lightens and the rain slows. Muddy puddles for splashing and sunset bring a clear and quiet night. This beautiful picture book filled with colorful etchings leads us through a rainy day. Gentle text ushers in the storm and leads us back to the quiet safety when the rain finally ends. A wonderful book to share with children who worry about thunder and lightning or those who love a mud puddle to splash in.

Reviewed by: Tree / South County Regional Library

Book cover Early Bird
Toni Yuly (2014) , under 40 pages
Audience: Toddlers, Preschool
Category: Concept, Earth Friendly, Spring

The early bird gets the worm, so once Early Bird enjoys a nice tall stretch and a breath of fresh morning air she takes off. Early Bird’s vivid coloring makes her pop across each vibrant page. Expand your little one’s understanding of directions as Early Bird takes you across each page, through nature, over and under nearby friends, and around the corner in search of the most important meal of the day . . . breakfast!

Reviewed by: Jionne / Mountain Island Library

Book cover Flashlight
Lizi Boyd (2014) , under 40 pages
Audience: Toddlers, Preschool
Category: Concept, Earth Friendly
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

What can you find with a flashlight at night? Your boot? Vines on the ground? An owl in the sky? Lizi Boyd illustrates a beautiful book that enlightens us as to what a little boy might find with his flashlight while camping at night. With black and white, and bits of color, children will have fun sharing what they find with the flashlight. The darkness of the pages allows the subtle colors to really pop. This story, told through images, is a great discussion piece to share with children. It’s so good it needs no words.

Reviewed by: Maeve / University City Regional Library

Book cover Sleepyheads
Sandra J. Howatt (2014) , under 40 pages
Illustrated by Joyce Wan
Audience: Babies, Toddlers, Preschool, Primary (k-3rd grade), Adult/Parent
Category: Books & Babies, Earth Friendly, Read Aloud
(This book has outstanding illustrations)

Perfect for snuggles and cuddles, Sleepyheads is a delightful bedtime story. Gentle illustrations and rhyming text make this soothing read aloud the perfect lure into dreamland. Each sleepyhead is a cuddly animal that small children can easily recognize and name. Each dreaming creature rests peacefully in its own habitat, teaching little ones where their fuzzy friends exist in the real world. A hint of light from the moon, fireflies and dandelions shine against dusky, earthy tones to color each page with comforting illustrations. The artwork spans across both pages and will have little eyes searching for sleepyheads until the very end where you will find the sweetest sleepyhead of all.

Reviewed by: Jionne / Mountain Island Library

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